Welcome to Empowered Arts!

We are professional working artists and dancers who decided to form what you would consider…a one of a kind Fine Arts Studio!

Empowered was born out of our belief in utilizing Art in various forms, as a tool for change and the creation of new perspectives in our lives and those of others given its impactful healing component.

That is why the main focus of our body of work, is to bring ideas and stories to life through the use of color, movement and lines in bold ways.  Also to provide Visual Arts instruction that merges with motivation, and acts as an outlet for emotional and physical wellness for anyone who takes our workshops.

For students who were taking dance & visual art classes or workshops at our former physical location, we regret to inform you that due to the COVID19 pandemic, all classes are suspended until further notice.  We are going to function as a mobile and online Fine Arts Studio.  We reached this decision because of social distancing rules and the health risks involved for our students and instructors.

Who we Are


Mario Alvarado


Is a Visual Artist & Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor born in San Antonio, Texas.  Mr. Alvarado began to paint and draw at a very young age and is an alumni of the San Antonio College where he studied Fine Arts.   His style is bold and graphic with a preference for sharp lines and vibrant color.  He works with acrylic, graphite, clay sculpture.




Laura Delmis (Lalita) 

Born in the Panama Republic, and now a resident of San Antonio, Tx.  She is a Visual Artist with a love for Mixed Media work and also a Certified Interior Designer from St Mary’s University.  She studied painting and sculpture at the Centro Nacional de Arte y Cultura (The National Art & Culture Centre) in Panama, Rep of Panama were she acquired her love for the use of bright colors and portraiture.  She has worked as an Art Educator at the Santa Rosa Childrens Hospital, Woodlawn Elementary and several other community outreach programs in San Antonio.  Currently guides the SAMMS ministries Family Art Night.

Current and former clients 

SAMMS Ministries for Overcoming Homelessness.

Empowered Arts Studio is proud to be the facilitator for Family Art Night at SAMMS.  Amazing things happen and are created by our students during these awesome classes.  The open studio concept we provide for them, is meant to encourage their creativity and self growth while letting their imagination and decision making skills, take the lead in the planning and execution of their pieces.

Art at SAMMS is also an avenue for wellness, given the therapeutic and healing benefits the arts can bring to people of all ages.

We are proud of our SAMMS students!  Take a look at some of our Family Art Night snapshots…


The Cortez Public Library

Empowered is honored to be part of the hispanic Heritage Month celebration at the Cortez Public Library!  Every Tuesday evening, through the months of September and October 2019 we will be learning more about the History and steps behind two of the most popular Latin Dances in San Antonio, Salsa & Cumbia!